I write about a range of topics – from world-first medical breakthroughs to sensitive stories about abuse, loss and betrayal. Here are a couple of examples of my published work that have featured in national newspapers and magazines.


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Sara Take a Break

Sara was devastated to discover that her Turkish hunk in trunks had been sending saucy Facebook messages to another woman. Her love rat hubby denies the claims. As seen in Take a Break.


Michelle That's Life

Michelle was kidnapped, raped and force-fed pills by her toyboy lover. She bravely waived her right to anonymity to share her story in That’s Life.

Shannon Pick Me Up

Shannon’s ex-boyfriend, Jamie, was enraged when she ended the relationship and launched a vicious revenge attack – punching out two of her teeth. She shared her shocking story in Pick Me Up.


Donna’s beloved husband, Peter, was stabbed to death…at her dad’s funeral. She shared her devastating story in the Sun.


Brave Susan saved the life of her rapist ex-boyfriend, Peter, so he’d face justice for his degrading attack. As seen in the Mirror.


Christine and her husband were violently attacked by a gun-wielding intruder on their dream holiday to South Africa. As seen in Real People.


Brave Sarbjit speaks out about the tragic death of her daughter, Kam, who committed suicide after being stalked relentlessly by her ex-boyfriend. As seen in Best.

carys bella show

Carys thought she’d met her soul mate on the online dating website eHarmony, but he turned into a violent bully. In Bella.


Jemma broke her spine jumping out of a window to flee her sex attacker. She shared her story with Real People, This Morning and all of the national newspapers – including the Metro.


When Alisha left her ex-husband, he didn’t take it well – turning up at her workplace and shooting her five times before turning the gun on himself. Now paraplegic, Alisha bravely shared her story with That’s Life to raise awareness of cyber-stalking.



Lovesick Hazel always dreamed of finding Mr.Right, but her 22st body was letting her down. After losing a massive 12st, she found love and has never felt better. As seen in Best.


Hellen lost 11st after an unflattering selfie with her pop star idol, Gary Barlow. In the Daily Star.


Amy lost 12st after swapping biscuits for biceps. Now she’s training to be a fitness model! As seen in Best.


Beautiful Paige lost 13st after an embarrassing bedroom mishap. Now she’s fighting off guys. As seen in The Sun.


Gillian was mortified by her 23st 10lb body, so she signed up to her local Zumba class and shimmied her way to a size 8. As seen in Best.


A rude man she met on Plenty of Fish told Janet she was too fat to date, so she lost 11st. As seen in Best.

Amanda Carroll show

Amanda had always admired her slim sister, but was 23 stone and a size 28. With Suzanne’s help, she shed 11st and now people get them mixed up!

Gorgeous Rachel once weighed 28st and was addicted to cheese - munching through 8st worth per year! Now she's lost 15st and is loving life. As seen in The Sun.

Gorgeous Rachel once weighed 28st and was addicted to cheese – munching through 8st worth per year! Now she’s lost 15st and is loving life. As seen in The Sun.


Gillian was nicknamed ‘Big Momma G’ because of her 25st, size 30 body. But after losing 13st, she’s sassier than ever. As seen in Real People.


Emily lost an incredible 13st after a group of lads shouted ‘Oi fatty!’ and threw a kebab at her. As seen in the Mail, Sun, Metro, Mirror, Express and Star.



Leanne almost died after a horrific allergic reaction to an IBS tablet made her face fall off. As seen in The Sun.


All Jo wanted was a fabulous hairdo, but instead she was left housebound by a terrible allergic reaction. As seen in the Daily Mail.


Five-year-old Ellis almost lost his life after taking medication for his epilepsy. As seen in the Metro.


Six-year-old Declan has been left almost blind after a horrific allergic reaction to an antibiotic fused his eyes shut. Now he has special sunglasses to help protect his eyes. As seen in the Sun, Mirror and Mail.



Jordan loves Kim Kardashian so much that he’s spent £100K to look like her. His story went viral, and after appearing on This Morning, his story is seen here in Australia’s ‘Famous’ magazine.


Raegan has spent £22K on surgery to try and find a fella – as seen in the Daily Star.


Olwen Sun

Olwen cleverly trapped her paedophile babysitter into admitting his crimes on Facebook and then reported him to the police. As seen in The Sun.


Corinne was sickeningly abused by her father shortly after her mother’s death. She shared her harrowing story in Pick Me Up.


Martina was tragically raped by her cousin after her first Holy Communion and bravely spoke out to raise awareness. As seen in Chat.


Dorcas and Hollie were both abused by Dorcas’ evil partner. They share their story in Take a Break.


Cousins Sylvia and Lorraine share their harrowing story of abuse in Chat to encourage other survivors to come forward.


Faye was tragically abused by the man that she should have been able to trust the most: her father. With the help of the police and the CPS, we were able to work together to share her story in Chat.



Veronika made headlines around the world when she spoke out about the surprisingly disadvantageous consequences of looking like Angelina Jolie. Now she’s hoping to find her very own Brad Pitt.



Craig was so addicted to food that he ran up a £15K debt and shoplifted chicken wings from Tesco. Now he’s lost 20st, he’s raising awareness of the dangers of food addiction. As seen in the Daily Star.


Louise was the clown in her bunch of her friends, but she was hiding a serious food addiction. Things got so bad that she ate pizza out of the bin. As seen in Real People.



Rebecca’s heart stopped after she starved herself to 3st because of anorexia. She and her mum Lesley share her inspiring story in Woman.


Amanda developed anorexia whilst pregnant with her second child due to her fear of piling on baby weight. Now recovered, she shared her story with Woman.


Maria blames herself for her daughter Wendy’s anorexia, as she developed it after Maria hired a personal trainer to help Wendy combat her childhood obesity. Now Wendy is fully recovered and is even training to be a bodybuilder! As seen in Bella.

Niamh show - sun

Niamh’s anorexia became so severe that the teen’s mum, Ann, planned her funeral. Now Niamh is back to a healthy weight and is working as a carer. As seen in the Sun.



Sue has over 200 grandkids – and they’re all dolls haunted by the spirits of dead children! As seen in Love It.



Deirdre made a splash when she became the first adult in the world to get a magnetic ‘robot’ spine. As well as featuring in the Irish Daily Star, Irish Daily Mail and Irish Mirror, she got a double-page spread in the Irish Sun.


Born with Apert syndrome, Jean has battled bullies all of her life. But she has defied the odds to find love, and now hopes to one day start a family. In the New Day.


Natasha was determined to be a bride, so when she contracted a deadly blood infection, she didn’t let it stop her. After saving her own life, Natasha walked down the aisle at her dream wedding. As seen on the Mirror and Mail Online.

James Necrotising Pick Me Up

Jessica watched in horror as her boyfriend James developed the deadly condition necrotising fasciitis – a flesh-eating bug. Luckily, James survived and shared his story in Pick Me Up.


Lianne was gobsmacked when she discovered that her cancerous tumour weighed a whopping 6lb – the size of a newborn baby! In Pick Me Up.


Kayleigh has always dreamed of becoming a mum, but suffers from tokophobia – an intense psychological fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Shockingly, she was rejected for adoption because of her phobia. As seen on the Mail and Metro Online.

Sophia was born with neurofibromatosis, which caused a large facial tumour to grow. She told Chat why she refuses to let the bullies get her down.

Sophia was born with neurofibromatosis, which caused a large facial tumour to grow. She told Chat why she refuses to let the bullies get her down.


Adorable Ollie was born with an encephalocele, which meant that his brain was growing in his nose. Proud mum Amy told the Sun why she wouldn’t change her ‘little Pinocchio’ for the world.


Annie had a humiliating accident when an insensitive Co-op worker refused to let her use the toilet. She spoke out to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease, which resulted in the Co-op donating £100 to a related charity.



Lowissa has splashed £100K gifted to her by online admirers on her amazing transgender transformation. In Pick Me Up.


Ashley bravely told Closer magazine how she is brutally attacked when men realise that she was actually born a boy – she hopes to make a stand against trans-crime.

Pick Me Up - Ash Williams - Transgender

Ash was born a girl, but never felt comfortable in her body. After she started living as a man, she found love and now has a beautiful girlfriend and family. As seen in Pick Me Up.



This quirky middle-aged couple write to some of the most hardened criminals in the USA. As seen on the Mail Online.


Hannah’s boyfriend set her a Facebook ‘likes’ challenge in order for him to propose! As seen in the Mirror, Metro and Mail Online.


Breakfast time is always hectic in this household, thanks to a hungry camel called Joe who helps himself to the spread! As seen in Real People.



Mercedes was looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with her new boyfriend, Simon, but a cooking catastrophe left her scarred for life. In Pick Me Up.

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